Group 3 Syllabus

Group III - Syllabus
Gita shlokas on Gyan, Sadhana, & Karma 

Life of Vivekananda and Ramakrishna, Lives of Regional saints of India, Ideals of Sai Education, Message of Gita in day to day life, Importance of Prayer, Omkar, Japa and Dhyana, Saving Habits, Personal health and hygiene, Management of Thought, Breath and Time, 5 D's, 5 Elements and its Inter-Relationship with Man. 

Community Living like Participation in family work, Synthesis of Major Religions, Cultural Habits and Manners of India, Lives of Freedom fighters, National Integration., Role of intuition 

Project year to include Camps, Seminar, Debates, Symposia, Shramdhan, Training as Seva dal/ B V Guru, Project Work, Study Circle.Experiental Learning, VIP programme 

Vedas - Narayana suktham, Medha suktham, Bhu suktham, Sri suktham.